It's such a TM11
um hey. 2-12-12
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Anonymous ━

Hey there, I'm not gonna say I know exactly how you feel cause I don't know exactly what is going on. I too have been having a very bad time in life lately and it just seems to be getting worse so far. Just hang in there a little longer it'll get better I promise :) things will eventually start looking up and if not then you got a whole bunch of followers who will listen to you and try to make you feel better :) so you're never really alone. Try to have a good day!

Well hey, I hope you’ll do better too! I know you’re on anon but it’s super sweet that you’ve sent me some support so I hope you know that I can say the exact same thing to you. If you ever need anyone, I’m always open to listening k you’re not alone either. 

And I guess it goes for anyone really, no problem is unimportant so honestly, I’ll always be here for you guys, no matter what. I just hope you remember to value yourself and that there is always someone out there who’s willing to support you. Always.

Anonymous ━

Hey this might not seem like much but hang in there alright! Everything's gonna be better! :)

It means a lot to me that you’ll take the time to send me this. 

hey so I’m alive but I’m not alright and it took me till this morning to realize I’m even worse than when I was still home. 

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Hey, just imagine mega slowbro trying to walk up a steep hill. That ought to put a grin on your chin :)

that did actually! I can just imagine it trying and toppling over every time 

Anonymous ━

Look over there! Oh its a lovely smile from you, Keep your head up :)

thank you, I’ll try to

Anonymous ━

Hey, you're awesome. Chin up, smile on your face, always remember it is a TM11. ^u^

That’s very cute anon, you seriously have no idea how much I appreciate this